Friday, January 11, 2013

Make Change Mania (by Faith)

Is it possible to jinx yourself? Two days ago I was talking to my mom about our fundraiser, thinking it might be a bit of a fail. We had only raised a few thousand dollars so far. I went on about how David Archuleta raised $26,000 for these same kids in India, forgetting about the whole 'he's famous and I'm not' thing. My mom said what all mom's do, "we tried our best and that's all that matters."

Later that day our story was featured on an awesome blog. Within a few hours, we had orders pouring in. Every time a new order was placed, our email would make a "bing" sound. We sat next to the computer and it chimed so often, it was like our own little song. Overwhelmed but happy, we both broke out into laughter!

The next day (yesterday) we worked non-stop filling orders. Our house looked like Santa's was Make Change Mania!!

This morning, arms filled with packages, we headed to the post office. The guy behind the counter smiled as he called us up, but as he looked at our load, panic swept over his face. One by one, he patiently weighed and stamped package after package until his co-worker (obviously a woman who didn't feel much like making change for us today) raised her voice at him and told him he couldn't stamp all the packages and he would have to find a way to get us out of that line. He gave us a weak smile and helped us with stamps we could do ourselves. Whew! We caused quite a commotion.

Before this week began, we had raised enough money to really help these kids in India, even though I had a hard time seeing it when I compared it with the outcome of a famous singer's fundraiser. But I think God has even bigger plans and I am lucky to have him work through me.

Sorting our load
Let's see who is lucky enough to get me in their line
one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand....
Just look at the change we made today with hundreds of our new friends. These are the orders sent today (we might be a little off on the exact placement of cities...weren't sure where some of them were.) Bracelets are on their way everyone! 


  1. I just found you through The Mrs. and the Momma blog and ordered! Love what you are doing. Shine Bright :)

  2. Thanks for everything you're doing! I found you through the 71 Toes blog a few days ago. My bracelet came in the mail yesterday, I can already tell it's going to be a favorite. Keep up the good work!

  3. Our bracelets came so quickly, I am having my children give them all away tomorrow and I ordered more for us (hoping they come as quickly because our family is making a big change next week with a cross country move.) Thanks for being an inspiration to our little family in Maryland. :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! We sent a shipment off this morning and will send anything that came this afternoon in the morning so I hope they make it before you make the big move. Good luck and thanks again!