Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rickshaws and Reminders (by Tara)

I watched a documentary tonight with Faith while we filled bracelet orders. It was called "Happy" and it was a study in what really makes people happy. Coincidentally enough, the film started with a man in India. What would be the first thought in your mind when you saw this?

This man pulls a rickshaw to earn money for his family. He talked about how hard it is when he has to pull angry and drunk customers, but he can't say anything to them because they will not ride his rickshaw the next day and he needs the money.

I was sad for this little hardworking humble man but it was Faith who spoke up. She said, "OK, mom, the first thing we're going to do when we get to India is make change for a guy like this. We will ask for a ride in his rickshaw and then we will say, "Get your behind on that seat. Today WE are pulling YOU!" And then she laughed and said, "Is that legal?!"

Here is the rest of this man's story: 

So I go from feeling sorry for this guy to wanting to be just like him. Riches have very little to do with money, if we really understand the secret to life. Easier to say those words than to put them into practice, but it's people like this that stamp an indelible reminder on my heart. I hope he has helped you be happy too.

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  1. Love love love knowing the beautiful bracelets that are coming will go to the wonderful Rising Star. Friends with the 2 presidents (the old one newly on a mission) and looking forward to going with daughters someday. What an amazing example you are of a mom and daughter making a difference. Thank you for reminding me to do more with my girls and others. Beautiful video your daughter made and great blog posts. God bless from the east coast.