Wednesday, February 6, 2013

...And a little child shall lead them (by Tara)

Last week was a sprint to get ready for India, but a sad crawl for bracelet sales. The email had officially quit "dinging" at us. I was exhausted from all the running around, but I still had reserves of energy and desire to keep the fundraiser going strong for our friends in India.

On the way to pick up my son from pre-school, I offered a silent prayer. I asked God if he was still in this with us and I said if we could just have one order, just one, I would know. I realize God probably doesn't like us to make deals like that with him, but that was my prayer. When I returned home and opened my email, one order for one bracelet had arrived at precisely the moment I offered that prayer. How did a woman 1300 miles away in Provo, Utah know? Aren't His ways magnificent?

And then came the children.

We have some friends, twin brother and sister, who invited my daughter to their birthday party this past week. Every kid loves to be celebrated and showered with gifts on their birthday, but look closely at the following invitation and see what they chose to do instead:

B & G would like to lovingly forego gifts this year in order to support a wonderful cause.  Instead of bringing a gift, please donate to "Make Change" instead.  Our family friends are traveling to India in February through this organization and will be working with families affected by leprosy and providing dental work to impoverished children.   Please check out the following website and watch the video that has been prepared:

Please help make this birthday a memorable one by supporting this important cause!  May B & G always remember this day with warmth in their hearts for their friends and the opportunity to help those in need.

Donations can be made at the party or through the website above.

The birthday girl G!
The birthday boy B!

It didn't stop there.

Sunday I was handed a tattered little red envelope that contained four 1-dollar bills and 4 quarters. On the outside was written simply "India money". One of my own children handed me the envelope but later that day, my little friend M told me that the envelope was from her. She and her friend held a bake sale and thought very long and hard about who to give the money to, and in the end decided they would like to donate it to the people in India. I thought of the time and the love they put into that bake sale, only desiring to use the money to bless another, and I promised her I would make sure it was delivered safely to the children there.

M, the baker!
And although this didn't happen this week, I want to remember and acknowledge our dear friends - two teenage girls, who held a boot camp to raise money for us a few months ago. Every year they try to find someone to help, and this year it was our turn. At a time when most kids their age are worried about how many followers they have on Instagram, they gathered friends together to reach beyond themselves. I'm sad that I don't have any pictures to share...I'm trying to get some so stay tuned!

I am convinced that we can learn some of life's greatest from the youngest among us. May we all look deep inside ourselves and find that same innocence, that same goodness and love, and let's let it shine through. Make your own kind of change today!

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