Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fear and Faith (by Tara)

As a Christian woman I have always been taught that fear and faith cannot exist together. And I believe that. It's just that I'm embarking on this journey Friday that began a long time ago with total faith and trust in God, but it's forcing me to face some of my biggest fears. For whatever reason, we all have certain things that trigger our anxiety. Things that seem like a monumental deal to some seem silly to others. Fear of flying over the ocean has kept me from vacationing in Hawaii. Fear of big, unfamiliar places kept me from enrolling at the University when I had the chance. And fear of subjecting myself to certain vulnerabilities in other countries has kept me close to home my entire life.

I bought a piece of "art" from a homeless woman this past fall. I had just started homeschooling Faith and I was questioning my decision, doubting my abilities, and wondering if I was somehow failing her. My fear was overtaking my faith. When the woman approached me with her painting, it spoke directly to me. I know that behind the brush strokes were stories untold from her own life. I wondered what made her paint this picture of a woman and her child. Were they peaceful or were they afraid? What was on the mother's mind? Did the child trust her? Whatever the artists intentions, the portrait was us.

Though unsure, the mother cradled the child, looking at her, yet at the same time looking forward. The key in this picture is where the child's eyes are focused. They look up. Up to God who will not let us fail if we remember him and invite his presence, no matter where our journey takes us. Although I am the mother, I am taught these simple truths from each of my children in moments when God can't reach me directly.

The time has come. A year ago I knew we were called to go to India, despite all my silly fears. Our preparations have been sweet and we have grown to love the people there, even though we have never met them. We've joined with hundreds of others around the world who have generously given money to bless the lives of the children there, and more important, have found ways to serve and love each other. It's been a beautiful experience - just how God intended it.

We promise to share your love as we embrace our friends in India. Thanks for being part of our journey and please remember to make your own kind of change daily. The world needs you!!


  1. You are doing something beautiful Tara. Wow! I"m impressed and humbled at your willingness to go and do...with faith that the Lord will provide a way. We love you.

  2. Beautifully written Tara - brought tears to my eyes! Two amazing ladies who are in for a wonderful experience - wonderful because you are facing your fears and spending precious time with Faith all the while serving others. You two will come back changed and thru your experience help to inspire and change others - all part of God's perfect plan! Safe travels - XOXO

  3. Got up early this morning to catch up on Tara and Faith's blog so I didn't miss any of the story before their departure. You have changed my life! I can't go to India, but I can do hard things every day to brighten the world and serve God's children. And I can let my faith guide my actions and never allow my fears keep me from doing the right thing. My prayers will be with you morning and night.

  4. Loving you and have tracked your flight path this morning on Google Earth across the ocean to Frankfurt and then on to your destination in Chennai, India. One of our favorite sayings comes to mind: “Long journey, part of gift.” Sleep well tonight above the wide Atlantic. Love, Nanny

  5. I am soo happy to hear. I don't know how to track flights, but I am so grateful Nancy Anderson does! So I can know you made it across the ocean. We are soo excited for you both! And can't wait to hear how the trip went and who you met along the way. Our family is forever inspired! Love you lots and hope you got some rest or will get some rest... xoxo

  6. You both are so amazing! I can't wait to keep reading about your trip. We are sending you love and lots of happy thoughts and prayers!