Sunday, March 3, 2013

Aaron and Nicky arrive!

The great news of the day is that Aaron and Nicky arrived safely to Rising Star. The bad news is, Aaron's suitcase didn't. We just now got word that it is en route from Germany and we should have it sometime tomorrow. We all brought a suitcase full of dental supplies but this is the one critical to the operation because it has all the equipment in it. It's been a frustrating day waiting for information but I am hopeful we won't lose too much precious time with the kids because of it.

It was so fun to see the kids reaction when they got here. The girls instantly loved Nicky and wanted to know all about her and why she was here. The boys surrounded Aaron and inspected his biceps, asking how many push ups he does every night and telling him he had mice in his arms!

And look at the two of them...getting right down to tradition and eating their first meal of chicken curry with their fingers! They are having a tiny bit of culture shock but looking forward to embracing it as Faith and I have done our first week here.

Everyone is already asleep and I'm going to sign off so I can join them. We can't pull the workload off this week without some proper rest, which none of us have gotten lately. Until tomorrow....poytu varukiehn.


  1. I wonder why mice? That made me laugh right out loud. What a joy to have them there!

    Praying for you all for superhuman endurance. If anyone can.. its you guys!


  2. Whew! Dad told me this morning he knew everything would be fine re: the missing bag. Our RS ladies were even praying today for a miracle. Seeing your post after church was the news we hoped for. It's Monday morning there and I can picture you all getting down to business. Have a great day and give a holler when the bag arrives! Love, Nanny and Papa

  3. Beautiful job on the photos, Faith! I can tell everyone has been working very hard. I knew your mom was multi-talented and your photos proved that more than ever. Who knew she could help with the teeth cleaning?:) It was fun to see the shot of your dad flexing his muscles and horsing around with the kids. Isn't that just like him? I think the kids in India are as smitten with him as the kids in Austin are. The picture of the little boy's hands sharing the crumbs he held made me cry. Did you take that one? Thank you to you and your mom for taking us along on this trip. We'll pray your dads luggage ends its sojourn in Germany and hustles on to India. Love, Jill & Sayre Fam