Saturday, March 2, 2013

Getting ready for the dentist...

Aaron (aka Dr. Collins) is due to arrive in India at midnight. Finally!

To make the most of his week here working in the dental clinic, we decided to have a dental screening today with all 223 children so we could organize his schedule before Monday. With the help of 3 awesome volunteers (Erin, Anita & Emily), nurses and house moms, we were able to set up a make-shift clinic and screen all the kids who were here today. We were exhausted and felt empathy for "real" dentists, but we were so happy to be able to take part in this gift to the children. This week is going to be incredibly busy in the dental clinic and won't resemble the schedule Aaron is used to at home, but we hope with enough faith and superhuman strength, we won't have to leave without helping all the children who need it. Our plan B is to pray that another dentist comes soon to finish what we can't.

Faith was the photographer and the official runner today. She said she thinks she must have run 3 miles! She took about 250 pictures and I wish we could post every one - the kids were hilarious! They patiently waited their turn, some feeling silly and doing funny things to pass the time, some feeling very nervous and some just plain bored. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights...

Waiting for their turn:

Say ahhhhh....

After dental check-ups and dinner, the kids got to watch a movie in the outdoor dining hall - something they LOVE doing each Saturday. The movie was in their native language (Tamil). We stayed to watch part of the movie and snuggle with the kids before we headed to our own rooms. One of the boys I was sitting with kept offering me some of his "biscuit", which he got from his friend's pocket. He would eat some out of his own hand and then 3 different times wanted me to hold out my hand so he could share with me. This picture is of the most beautiful thing I saw today -  the total of what he gave me those 3 times. These kids would give us everything they have if they could.


  1. We will be praying that the airlines can find Dr. Collins missing bag REAL fast! And a family fast tomorrow is scheduled. We know that Heavenly Father is aware of your sacrifice to serve his children thus far, but that your mission is not complete. Miracles do happen and if we all unite our faith and prayers, that bag will be found! Love, Nanny and Papa

  2. Beautiful indeed.

    We are praying for the much needed bags of Aaron's.

    Another gorgeous day in India. How I love these children I have never met.