Friday, March 8, 2013

Goodbye Rising Star

The day has come.

I have hundreds of photos and a mind full of stories I would like to share but I'm tired. Today was perfect.  Mary Elizabeth lovingly placed flowers in our hair this morning. We painted our own special place on the volunteer wall with a symbol of our bracelet. We reached our goals in the dental clinic and had 223 happy customers. I exchanged phone numbers with a nurse who doesn't speak English. We laughed and we cried. We are changed.

Tonight I noticed Vothivoo (the "warden" who oversees all the children and housemothers) observing our goodbyes from far off and then she made her way to me. She thanked me for being here with my family and said that they will anxiously await our return. Then she smiled and said this,

"When you give love, it's love you get in return. That is the lesson."

Goodbye children of Rising Star, for now. It is time for us to return to our own children and our lives so far away and so different from the one here. We will take the lessons we've learned and the love we've felt as if we were bringing you all home with us. In our hearts forever...thank you for making the best kind of change in us that we could have ever hoped for.


  1. This has been so fun to be able to see the pics and hear about what you're doing - I love it. I feel like I'm changed too, just by being an observer! xoxo

  2. You've changed us by sharing such a detailed account day by day. This has been a labor of love - you've given love and received love. Service changes hearts and an act of kindness is remembered long after it is done. You have brightened the lives of so many, including you own and ours. We love you! Have a safe journey home!

  3. Lump in my throat. So sweet. I love the "I Love You" symbol on all of the children. Thank you for the change you have made in me. I know what the warden speaks is truth. I have been loved by you and love you dearly and can imagine how sad they are to see you and your love go. Its heart purification.

    "To love another person is to see the face of God" Jean Valjean fro Les Miserable sings this near the end. Gets me every time.

    I will miss Rising Start too. Thank you for taking us along for the journey. I am grateful you bringing them with you.
    Enjoy your last few days there of all that color and life!